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Students’ understanding of number is essential to performing mental mathematics effectively and efficiently.

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Free Worksheets, Free Tutorials

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Free math worksheets and tutorials for teachers are delivered weekly directly to your inbox. Topics vary from week to week, and cover age groups from Kindergarten to 6th grade. Just enter your email address and you are all set to go.

Times Tables / Number Facts

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Times tables students love! From 1st grade to 5th grade, students race the clock to beat their time. Builds speed and accuracy with 10 minutes daily practice sequenced for every grade level. Combined with strategies, the worksheets increase in complexity as students progress through the series.

Software Gadgets

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Software for Interactive Whiteboards, Computers, Tablets and eBooks with math lessons all ready to go! An on-line resource for presenting visual representations of difficult mathematical concepts such as fractions. Fantastic teaching tool to help students understand!

Early Years eBooks

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Our popular Ten Frame Series and Introducing Fractions eBooks are the early foundations for Kindergarten to 2nd grade, important early number work and concepts. These eBooks are full of math activities, worksheets and flashcards all ready to go

Games eBooks

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Games eBooks reinforce Fractions and Ten Frame numbers: contain full deck of cards for Memory, Happy Families, Snap and other favorites, as well as dominoes – for 1st grade to 6th grade.

Decimal Software

HfdmathInteractive math software that cuts up and re-glues a one block into tenths, hundredths and thousandths pieces representing decimal numbers. On-screen teacher lessons and corresponding worksheets – 3rd grade to 5th grade.

What Teachers Say

The kids really get it! Once I used the "Equivalent Fractions" software and worksheets the students really understood fractions. I could do anything with fractions after that, and they understood it!
Carmelo, Groves Christian College teacher yr 6
Thank you SO much, the Number Fluency Program is AMAZING!!! They are fantastic mental worksheets for the start of numeracy lessons!!!
Vanessa, Curriculum Co-ordinator
Number Fluency program - I turned it into a competition and would put their scores up and rank them. They LOVED it! We had so many mini competitions going between similar ability kids that they didn't care if they were last or near the top. Worked a treat! At first the kids are always REALLY slow, but they eventually get faster. My fastest kid could do 100 random facts in about 1min 20sec! GREAT MATHS TOOL!!
Kylie, yr 4 teacher
I agree that we need to give the students strategies for learning each fact set, as you have done in the ebooks. I had never thought of those particular strategies before, and am looking forward to sharing them with my boss, the math specialist at our school, who works with the teachers. 
Kim, sub teacher
My class just love the “Ten Minutes a Day”.
Michelle, yr 5 teacher


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