We have been at this site since 2010. There are two of us in the team: Peter and Trish Price.

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Peter Price

Welcome to Classroom Professor! I am passionate about helping teachers to engage their students in genuine thinking and problem solving, via supportive, engaging environments. I currently teach pre-service teachers at Christian Heritage College, Brisbane, Australia. I have previously taught in Australian and UK schools for over 20 years, in both government and private schools. I gained a PhD in math education in 2004. I love working with Trish producing resources for mathematics teachers. Please add a comment below if you want to say something to us.

Trish Price

Trish Price

Hello! I have been teaching primary/elementary students for many years, in between raising three wonderful children. I love working with my Year 6 students at Groves Christian College, Brisbane, Australia, and finding new ways to excite them about learning and to provide them with the tools to learn and remember complex topics. I started on-line work in Hi-Flyer Software, and now I’m delighted to be here at Classroom Professor to pass on materials that I hope will help you in your classroom. Please drop me a line below if you have any questions or comments – I’d love to hear from you!