Asian Kids Beat Out the West in Math Again

Why do western nations like the US, Australian and the UK struggle to compete on the international stage when it comes to school mathematics?

A couple of days ago, the Programme for International Student Achievement (PISA) results from OECD countries were released. I encourage you to go over and have […]

Teach Measurement Using a Rain Gauge

Rain gauges measure rainfall by collecting a small sample and measuring how deep the water is. The trouble is, we are interested in very small units – in the metric system, rainfall is measured in millimetres/millimeters. How can you accurately measure such small amounts?

How can we use everyday examples […]

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    Maths PD: Teaching Times Tables or Number Facts with Understanding

Maths PD: Teaching Times Tables or Number Facts with Understanding

Mathematics Professional Development Video:
Classroom Professor at the Queensland Education Resources Expo (QUEDREX) 2013
We were at QUEDREX for the second year, with lots of new resources to show teachers.

Video of PD workshop presented by Dr Peter Price on the topic “Students Struggling with Number Facts? Develop Mental Strategies, the Key […]

Helping Kids Prepare for Third Grade

Do you know of young children who are apprehensive about the new grade they will face after the summer break?

Check out how some Minnesota teachers have used a custom website Almost a Third Grader to address this issue.The results are, I think, quite brilliant. No wonder the project has […]

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    Why Our Computer Software Helps Kids Improve Their Math Understanding

Why Our Computer Software Helps Kids Improve Their Math Understanding

Why is most math software ineffective in helping kids understand math? Almost all math software is designed to be a game that tests how well kids can match simple questions with their answers. Let me show you a better alternative:

Number Facts Resources That Students Love

Students love learning number facts when they have the tools to achieve success, and the opportunity to beat their own times! Check out sample eBooks…

New Product Launch at the BETT Show, London, UK

Classroom Professor Gadgets were just launched at the BETT Show 2013 in London. These interactive teaching and learning tools assist teachers to do what they do best: teach.

Why Did 74% of Facebook Users Get This Wrong?

A recent post on Facebook invited people to answer a question containing one multiplication, one division, one addition and one subtraction operation. Just 26% of respondents could give the correct answer. What does this say about how mathematics is taught in school?

Using Math to Make Sense of History in Korea

What can be learned about a time in history, if the only information available is a collection of dates? Even when the text is in a foreign language, math can reveal much about the people who lived in the past.

A Tale of Two Classrooms: Finger Counting in Grade 5, Visualising in Grade 1

Can children really visualise numbers and number relationships? Or should they learn to use their fingers to find answers by counting? A striking contrast between Grade 5 and Grade 1 students.