Decimals Software

The program acts much like an electronic box of place-value blocks. Students can click on buttons to show blocks representing decimal numbers, then use various tools to manipulate the representations. The “one” block can be cut up and re-glued on-screen into tenths. The tenths blocks can be cut up and re-glued into hundredths and thousandths too! By opening certain windows, the number can also be represented by the written symbol, a “numeral expander”, and the number name in words. As the block representation is changed by adding or taking away blocks, the contents of each window changes simultaneously.

Decimals screen descript 3200

Sample Pages

With each lesson plan there is a matching worksheet. There are 15 tenths, and 15 hundredths and 16 thousandths worksheets, 46 pages in all. They cover topics such as recognising, writing and saying the number; expanding the number; finding the number before and after; counting in decimals; adding and subtracting decimals; and a game.

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