Equivalent Fractions Software

Interactive software demonstrates equivalent fractions with animated pictures. Students can see what is happening as the shape is cut into different fractional parts. User has full control over entering fractions to hundredths.The app is able to show simplifying as well.

On-Line Software

Shows equivalent fractions, toggling between the two representations. Shape animates to show what is actually happening. The actual size does not change, only the number of pieces it is cut into. Simplify or choose equivalent fractions all the way to hundredths. Great for getting ready for decimal conversions.  Knife and glue tool allows for cutting or joining pieces into smaller or larger segments. Shows number to 2 allowing for improper fraction equivalents to be displayed.

EQ 1 descript 3200 b

 Sample Pages

Various examples can be demonstrated on-screen directly from the worksheets. Students who don't get it can work through the pages on a tablet or laptop. Number line equivalences can be correlated to on-screen shapes.

EQ 1 EQ 2

EQ 3 EQ 4