The Ten Minutes a Day 3 series (books 1-4) extends well beyond the basic facts into larger numbers (6 x 700 or 0.24 4 etc). It also develops fluency in division with remainders and Factors and Multiples, setting children up for fluent work with fractions and percentages in the Bring it On! series.
Bring It On all
The Bring It On! series has 4 titles: Mental Strategies (working with larger numbers 46 x 5, doubling/halving 756 etc); Order of Operations (All Operations Revision); Fractions (3/4 of 36, improper to mixed numbers etc); Percentages (mortgage rate rise of 0.25%, discount of 5%). Have your child know these facts instantly with no calculators, all based on strategies not tricks or gimmicks, all able to be transferred to new situations and new mathematical problems.