Decimals are a specific form a fraction. Students must understand fractions before they can understand decimal fractions.  Decimals are founded on our base ten system, so the fractions are specifically tenths, hundredths and thousandths etc.

Hi-Flyer Decimals is a great way to introduce decimals as the software cuts up and re-glues the familiar base ten one-blocks. Students can see the one block cut into tenths, hundredths and even thousandths. It allows students to see that 10 tenths make one and so on. The number expander allows students to make the connection between the places and their value. There are worksheets and a teacher script that has lesson plans and prompts on it, making your day easier and helping parents at home to teach this difficult concept with confidence. Allows for counting in 2s and 5s in any place, as well as how to write the decimal and say it.
Screenshot: Hi-Flyer Decimals

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