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The biggest problem with fractions is that children do not understand them. Fractions are often seen as just a string of tricks where the numbers are thrown in a box, shaken and the answer pops out. Sometimes the answer is right and sometimes it is wrong. Students have no idea why.

Understanding is the key. Introducing Fractions has dozens of activities, ones that teach understanding, not just the conventional coloring in activities so many book have. Introducing Fractions eBooks are designed for early years, but many of the activities and ideas can be used with older students as they present fractional concepts frequently not covered in many mathematics schemes. These concepts are crucial for fully understanding what is happening with fractions.

Gadgets software has 4 fraction titles which explain very clearly with visual aids and worksheets, what fractions are and what is happening when the numbers are manipulated.

The 4 titles walk students through the important these concepts. Each title has an accompanying eBook of 30+ pages which has activities which can be worked through on screen:

  • Fractions Counter
  • Equivalent Fractions
  • Fractions Converter
  • Addition and Subtraction of Fractions

The on-line software allows students to enter most fractions and manipulate them whilst seeing what is actually happening through the process. Check out the free 30 day trial of the software and see for yourself how easy it is for students to grasp the concepts once understood.

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