Percentages are so important a concept in everyday use, yet many students don’t understand them. Many do not see a percent as a number at all, just a process. Percentage is a number showing parts out of one hundred, so in essence it is just another fraction. 56% is 56 parts out of 100 or 56/100.

Fractions Converter Gadget is a great tool for helping students so the relationship between common fractions, decimals and percentages. It even shows that it does have a position on a number line, as well as the more difficult concept of ratios.

The eBook of worksheets that accompany it help you the teacher as there are lots of examples with all the hard work is done for you.

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The Bring It On! eBook has numerous examples for daily practice where students can work with percentages, finding discounts, price increases and what interest rates rises mean to the home buyer. Your class will be able to work out these percentage problems easily in their heads! Nos that is a useful life skill right there.