Times tables are the multiplication number facts.

There are far more number facts that need to be known than just these.

Students must know their:

  • Addition facts to 20
  • Subtraction facts to 20
  • Multiplication facts (to x10 or x12 depending on the curriculum for your country)
  • Division Facts

All of these are essential for fluency in number.
Most times table rhymes rote chanting systems do not teach why the answers are what they are, and offer no way of working it out if the number fact is forgotten. Using a system based approach such as that in the Ten Minutes a Day series, students are not only armed with instant recall, but also know why the answer is correct  and a way of working it out if they forget. Not only that, but the strategies allow students to extend their knowledge well beyond the basic facts but use them with larger numbers, decimals, fractions and percentages.

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The series is designed for use for just 10 minutes a day in a school classroom or at home. The Let's Go! series have pictorial models and fewer examples on a pages reflecting the young age of the students using them.

The Ten Minutes a Day 1, 2 & 3 series teaches the core of the number facts with more questions, extensions and daily exercises. Revising number facts daily whilst extending them, guarantees students never forget. These facts aren't just learned once then forgotten, but are refreshed daily, taking up only minutes out of the classroom timetable. The speed with which students can mentally calculate means classwork can be completed in a fraction of the time!

The Bring It On! series uses all the number facts that are fluently known from the earlier year levels and extends them into Fractions, Percentages, Order of Operations, and Mental Strategies for dealing with large numbers. Students are armed with skills for life.