Fraction Addition and Subtraction Gadget

Want to students to understand what is happening when you add and subtract fractions? Well Gadgets Fraction Addition and Subtraction is exactly for that!

On-Line Software

Students can see the steps and what is happening as the software leads them step by step through the algorithm.

  • enter fractions to be added or subtracted
  • most common denominators are catered for
  • program leads students step my step using the progression arrows
  • watch on screen to see what is happening and why it is needed
  • teacher can move backwards through the steps to repeat the difficult steps
  • both horizontal and vertical formats are catered for
  • circles or square are displayed

FAdd Sub with descript 3200

Sample Pages

Various examples can be demonstrated on-screen directly from the worksheets. Students who don’t get it can work through the pages on a tablet or laptop. Fraction activities can be correlated to on-screen shapes and animations.

F Add Sub 1  F Add Sub 2

F Add Sub 3  F Add Sub 4