Fraction Counter Software

Fraction Counter allows students to count forward and backward on a number line and with shapes.  It allows denominators to twelfths with circles or squares. Improper and mixed numbers are shown as equivalents on both the number line and with shapes. The teacher has full control over what students count in and whether or not they see the written forms, or the number line at all!

On-Line Software

Counting is made easy. No more drawing shapes on the board, or putting up magnetic pieces that fall off. Counting fractions can count in:

  • common fraction and mixed numbers
  • improper fractions
  • name of the fraction
  • common fraction shown in large box
  • shapes either circle or square
  • count in ones with fractional parts
Well imagine no more! Fraction counter gives the teacher full control over the fraction entered:

  • choose the denominator
  • choose circles or squares
  • progress in unit fractions or ones
  • count forward or backward
  • show or hide shapes or number line
  • show or hide mixed numbers or improper fractions
  • show or hide fraction name

FCount with descript 3200

Sample Pages

Various examples can be demonstrated on-screen directly from the worksheets. Students who don't get it can work through the pages on a tablet or laptop. Fraction activities can be correlated to on-screen shapes.

FCount 1   FCount 3

FCount 3   FCount 4