Fraction Converter Software

Fraction Converter Software shows students the relationship between common fractions, decimals, percentages, ratio and find the fraction's position on a number line. This interactive software allows for relationships to be shown dynamically.

On-Line Software

Imagine being able to see various forms of fractions all linked together on one page.

  • common fraction
  • decimal fraction
  • percentage
  • ratio
  • number line
  • name
  • shape
Well imagine no more!

Fraction converter gives the teacher full control over the fraction entered:

  • what form of fraction to be entered
  • which ones to be shown or hidden
  • use of number line
  • how to write or say the fraction (e.g. use quarter or fourth)
  • show recurring decimal

FC with descript 3200 b

 Sample Pages

Various examples can be demonstrated on-screen directly from the worksheets. Students who don't get it can work through the pages on a tablet or laptop. Number line equivalences can be correlated to on-screen shapes.

FC 1  FC 2 b

FC 3  FC 4