Fractions for Kids – Introducing Fractions Book 1 & 2

Great books on how to teach fractions. Introduce this difficult concept in a child friendly way. For Kindergarten to 3rd grade, these pages contain hands on as well as worksheet activities.

IF 1 cover 256

eBook 1 activities to:

  • explore half, third, quarter/fourth, eighth
  • cut up shapes in precise and different ways
  • fold paper
  • regroup fractions to make a whole
  • find fractions of groups of objects
  • identify fractions
Intro Fr 2

eBook 2 activities to:

  • write common fractions
  • mark fractional increments on number lines
  • write common fractions on number lines
  • counting in shapes
  • find fifths and sixths of shapes and groups of objects
  • introduction to equivalent fractions
  • fractions of groups of object
  • seriate fraction sizes

Book 1

IF 1   IF 1 b

Book 2

IF 2 a   IF 2 b