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Worksheets targeting a specific topic each week (times tables, addition facts, fractions, ten frames) are delivered to your inbox. Teaching tips in a matching tutorial on the targeted strategy, including how to teach times tables and fractions, is available for you too! Just click on the links and you are set to go.

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Select from one of the two courses listed below (you are welcome to select both, if they will be useful to you).

The Free Math Worksheets Courses:

K-2 (Aust: Prep - Yr 3) Grades 3-5 (Aust: Years 4-6)


  • Ten Frames flashcards 0-10
  • Count on 1
  • Count back 3
  • Rainbow facts
  • Introducing Fractions 1
  • Double/halve
  • Double +1
  • Common Fractions: Halves, Fourths & Quarters
  • Near Ten +-8
  • Counting fractions with shapes and no. line
  • Easy Division by 2: Halving
  • Add & Sub Rev: Diff of 1,2,3
  • Number Fact Families excerpts


  • Double Double 4x Facts
  • ÷10/5 (p2)
  • Ext Mult & Div x÷3
  • Adding "nice" numbers
  • x9 (p6)
  • Equivalent Common Fractions and Decimals
  • Fact & Mult 3&9
  • Division with Remainders div 6
  • Converting fractions - easy level
  • Rainbow Facts to 100; 7x Revision Facts
  • Revision Facts: Difference of; 5x, 10x
  • Simplifying Fractions
  • Percentages: 10% & 10% discount


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