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Gadgets On-line Software and eBooks

Have you always wanted to show your students what is actually happening when you work with fractions? Well here are the tools you have been seeking for teaching those difficult concepts. Gadgets on-line software shows on-screen fraction work and number fact (times tables) grids so the students really get it!

On-Line Software

  • Interactive Software is cross platform. It works on interactive whiteboards, tablets and computers.
  • Software shows the mathematical concept so that students can visualise the principle behind each one.
  • Teacher is in control, able to instruct the students in every step of the lesson.
  • Suitable for whole class lessons with corresponding worksheets.
  • Able to be used in a one-on-one lesson to assist students who are finding concepts difficult.
  • Suitable for 1st grade to 6th grade

Corresponding eBook

  • Gadgets eBooks match the Gadgets Software, one book for each
  • Photocopy masters allow for unlimited copying by the original purchaser
  • Worksheets have questions that can be shown on-screen. Teachers can follow the activities in the eBooks or use their own plan and use the worksheets for reinforcement.
  • Challenge questions extend students into rationalising difficult concepts.
  • Students able to work out fraction formula just by watching fractions animate on-screen.

Number Facts

NF eBook 256Number Facts software shows on-screen number fact grids for addition or multiplication (x10 or x12) times tables. It displays number fact families, strategies, multiples and factors. It hides or displays answers on the grid.Learn More

Fraction Counter

counter eBook 256Fraction Counter dynamically displays counting in fractions to 0-4 using shapes and a number line. It can be displayed as mixed numbers or improper fractions. Suits 2nd grade through 5th grade.Learn More

Equivalent Fractions

equiv fr eBook 256Equivalent Fractions dynamically displays equivalent fractions by animating fractional pieces cutting up shapes. Simplifies and shows to 100ths ready for decimal conversions and percentage work. Suits 3rd grade through 6th grade.Learn More

Fractions Converter

converter eBook 256Fraction Converter shows the relationship between common and decimal fractions, percentages, and ratio. Number line position is also displayed. The shape gives a reference point for all representations, especially for ratio which is often difficult understand. Simplifying common fractions and recurring decimals are included tools. Suits 2nd grade through 6th gradeLearn More

Fraction Add & Subtract

Add sub eBook 256Adding and subtracting fractions are displayed with shapes. Both horizontal and vertical algorithms as catered for. The steps required for completion are sequenced with a progression arrow. Suits 3rd grade through 6th grade. Learn More

Now I get it!

Students really do get it with the visual representation of difficult mathematical concepts. Worksheet eBooks correspond to every on-line software gadget. All the work is done for you!

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