I’ve been inspired by a blog by David Dodgson which I just came across, Reflections of a Teacher and Learner. David suggests in his recent post that bloggers go to Wordle, paste in their blog's URL, and see what the wordle cloud it produces reveals about your writing.

If you are familiar with Wordle, you will know that each word cloud shows the most common words in the source document/s, and shows the relative frequency by the size of each word in the cloud. If you use your blog, or another document you have written, as the source, it thus reveals which words you tend to use most often.

Here's mine:

Classroom Professor Wordle Cloud

It's interesting going through this process, a bit like opening a present from a friend which they tell you will reveal what you are really like. I'm pleased to see many ideas and objects I hold dear appear in the Wordle cloud, including 'students', 'helping' and 'represent'. I am surprised at the prominence of 'USA' and the number of appearances of metric unit vocabulary, but these no doubt reflect my recent posts about metrication in the USA.

I like Wordle - it's easy to use and allows for lots of flexibility of input (you can post a URL, or the text of a document) and output (you can edit colors, alignment, font, etc.). Give it a try!