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Introducing Fractions – Book 1 & 2

  • Concepts introduced through hands on activities and worksheets using shapes and number lines
  • How to accurately fold paper into fractional parts.
  • Students draw their own number lines and place fractional markers on it.
  • Includes finding fractions of numbers.

Ten Frame triple set!

  • Ten Frames are the BEST way to teach early years students the numbers to 20.
  • Students explore the numbers to 20 using visual representations of counters on a ten frame.
  • Flash cards, activities, worksheets and games resources all ready to go.
  • Lesson ideas and teaching strategies included.

Introducing Fractions 1

IF 1 cover 256Grade K-3/Year 1-4 book introduces the very basic idea of a fraction. Folding paper and cutting up objects, shapes, number lines and sets of objects is the foundation for all fractions work. Includes half, third, quarter and eighth.Learn More

Introducing Fractions 2

IF 2 cover 256Grade K-3/Year 1-4 extends the ideas founded in book 1 to include numerical representations of fractions. Includes finding fifths as well as multiples of fractions such as two thirds or four sixths. Counting in fractions, and exploring equivalent fractions are covered using paper folding, shapes, number lines and sets of objects.Learn More

Fractions Games

Fractions Games 256Grade 3-5/Year 4-6 contains 2 board games and cards, 2 sets of dominoes and a full deck of 54 cards, covering factors, common fractions and their decimal equivalents. Play all your favourite games with the cards: "Snap!" "Beggar My Neighbour", "Happy Families", "Memory" and others can all be played with these cards.Learn More

Ten Frame Flashcards

TF Flash 256Contains over 150 flash cards showing two different layouts of counters 0-20, two-colored and multi-colored ten frames for showing the different number sentences within each number forming the foundation for number facts.

Ten Frame Worksheets

TF WS 256Photocopy masters on recognising and writing numbers 0-20, number facts families of numbers to 20, and multiplication facts to 20 are covered comprehensively.

Ten Frame Games

TFGames 256Contains photocopy masters for a set of dominoes and a deck of 48 playing cards for numbers 0-10 linking the two different arrangements, numerical and written form of the numbers.