Common Core Practice Standards

Professional Development for Teachers

  • Struggling to keep up with the Common Core Practice Standards you are teaching?
  • Need fresh ideas on how to implement them even better?
  • Frustrated at the standards and what it means for you and your class?
  • Need to build a team working together with the Practice Standards?

This PD course will help you to unpack the Common Core Practice Standards in a way that makes them easy to understand, and more importantly, how they can be applied in the K-6 classroom.

Dr Peter Price breaks down each Standard and offers lots of ideas, tips and teaching techniques to assist anyone who is in a teaching role, whether that be teachers, teacher assistants or helpful parents.

The course is offered individually or as a school.

If taken as a school, this course has the added bonus that being on-line, new staff or absent staff can catch  up at home and be on board as part of the team.


Just 4 Steps:

  1. Print the pdf notes
  2. Watch the video, following along taking your own notes
  3. Take the on-line test
  4. Print your certificate

What’s In It For Me as a Teacher?

Teachers have the added bonus of gaining credit for PD hours* for any of our courses available.

*PD hours may vary between states and countries. Check with your relevant authority for certification requirements.

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