I am pleased to announce the listing of our new podcast on iTunes, on March 10, 2011. This represents the culmination of weeks of work in producing the video files, uploading them and getting listed on iTunes.

Apple iTunes Previews

You can access previews of the podcast here, and from there link to iTunes to subscribe or download episodes:

Since the podcast has only been listed in the last few days, searching for it in iTunes is a bit "hit and miss". As our viewing numbers go up, iTunes will recognise the show and bump it up the rankings. If you like the show, we will be much encouraged if you can rate it on iTunes, which will help us to rank also.

Please let us know what you think via a comment below, and what you'd like to see in the podcast. Most beginning podcasts last just a few episodes; we intend for this one to last for much longer than that. Your encouragement and input will help us to remain motivated! One specific question we are interested in has been answered via viewing/listening numbers: do you prefer to watch videos or listen to audios? Numbers accessing the audio version were always smaller than the video, and I decided I should spend time on more pressing tasks. You could always not watch the screen while playing the video :).

Podcast Credits

We gratefully acknowledge the following people & businesses who have supplied resources which are included in the podcast:

  • Music - "Biosphere" - Loopsound.com
  • Video backdrop - "Silk Animation" - Logan Kenesis at Givemefreeart.com
  • Titles font - BabelSans - Dafont / Manfred Klein
  • Dog - Riley [not really a person, but we love him anyway; watch out for his cameo right at the end of the video]