This video follows last week’s video (Episode 11), and shows additional footage from Paris and France in a montage, including the following locations:

  • Le Château de Versailles (The Palace of Versailles)
  • La Tour Eiffel (The Eiffel Tower)
  • La Cathédrale de Notre Dame (Notre Dame Cathedral)
  • La Cathédrale de Rheims (Reims Cathedral)

The video is in three short sections, starting with a classroom revision of symmetry and its two forms, then on location at l'Arc de Triomphe. Lastly is a sequence of shots from the locations listed above, put to music.


Music credit (symmetry montage section):
  • Title: "Unparalleled"
  • Composer: Stephen William Cornish (PRS)
  • Publisher: Perfect Solution Music (BMI)
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Le Château de Versailles, Paris, France -

+48° 53' 38.52", +2° 13' 51.51" (48.894034, 2.230974)

Google Map of location (interactive map): Note the lines of symmetry seen in this aerial view of the Palace and grounds.

View The Palace of Versailles in a larger map

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