Ten Frame Flash Cards

Over 150 printable ten frame flash cards all ready for you to print and cut out. All the ten frame flash cards that are necessary for classroom use are included: numbers 0-10, 11-20 shown in 2 different arrangements (rows and pairs) allow for differing teacher preferences; addition facts to 10 and 20 are included; addition and subtraction 2 colored cards in every possible combination as are multiplication multi-colored cards to 20.

Lesson ideas and teaching tips are included.

Cover_TF_Flash cards

The Ten Frame Flash Cards eBook has:

  • all numbers 0-20 shown in the two different arrangements of colored counters, the pairs arrangement (red counters) and the rows arrangement (purple counters)
  • all possible combinations of 2-colored counters for instant number fact recognition of numbers to 10 (in both layout arrangements)
  • addition facts from 11-20 in both layout arrangements
  • blank templates
  • teaching strategies and lesson ideas



Examples of the ten frame layouts included

  • Blank templates
  • red dom 7  p 7 Numbers to 10 - pairs and rows layout
  • 7+3  5+2 b Addition facts for each number to 10
  • p 16      red 16 Numbers to 11 to 20 - pairs and rows layout
  • p 7+5   Backup_of_TF r 8+3  Addition facts for numbers 11 to 20
  • 8+6  The "difference between" to 10
  • 3x5     3x2  Multiplication facts to 20