Ten Minutes a Day Level 3   Gr 4/Yr 5

Extends basic number fact strategies into division with remainders and factors and multiples. Ten Minutes a Day 3 revises all Level 2 strategies and extends them into number facts with larger numbers and decimals.

Strategies are explained in the front of each book.

Teach the strategy, practise the page, AND then the fun part... TIME the students! Students record their time on the top of the page. They love to race other students or beat their own time!

The series has one sheet for every day of the year. 10 minutes of number work before you start your lesson. Just like we ask students to read every day, it is equally important for students to think and revise number facts every day.

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Ten Minutes a Day 3 series has:

  • 4 eBooks for the year
  • 40 daily worksheets in each eBook
  • Matching homework sheet for each strategy
  • Check Up tests for assessment
  • Answer pages
This video shows one of the teaching strategies taught and revised in the Ten Minutes a Day: Level 3 series: bk 4 3A-D. It is the Factors and Multiples of 3 & 9 strategy.

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Book 1: All Operations Revision

  • Revises and extends addition and subtraction number facts to large numbers
  • Also extends them to decimals
  • Revises multiplication and division facts
  • Sequence based on strategies
  • Includes missing addends and turnarounds
  • Rainbow facts to 100
  • Pages are timed so students are challenged with speed and accuracy