Do you have a system that ensures that every student in your class learns the number facts specified in the curriculum?

Would you like to trial a classroom-tested system for developing number fluency in just 10 minutes a day? *

Chances are, if you’re like most teachers you are just a bit confused about whether or not to spend valuable class time on teaching times tables. Calculators and computers are here to stay, so it's hard to be sure that students really need times tables knowledge. Coupled with that, TEACHERS' TIME IS BEING GOBBLED UP by ever-increasing demands that they spend more and more time on the latest initiative of the government or the School Board.
You have probably been around long enough to remember the days when times tables (or number facts) were taught by every teacher. I'm old enough to remember when teachers drilled students in times tables endlessly every single morning. But those days are long gone.


Are You Teaching Times Tables the Right Way?

On the one hand, the crowded curriculum of the modern teacher's work leaves no room for luxuries, and reciting times tables every day will bore students stupid. On the other hand, there are increasing concerns in the media and among employers and governments that today's students don't learn essential facts well enough - and you know who gets the blame for that, every time: the CLASSROOM TEACHER. And I know you don't like telling parents of your students that they aren't so good at remembering these essential facts. Parents don't understand the theories you learned at university; and frankly, they're not that impressed by theories either.

Parents just want their children to have the best start on life they can possibly have. HOW CAN YOU MAKE SURE THAT HAPPENS WHEN IT COMES TO MATH?

My wife, Trish, was dealing with that issue in her Year 4 classroom. She realized that in order for her students to do well at all in math, they had to learn their basic facts in the four operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. And what developed from that realization was a single eBook entitled "Ten Minutes a Day: Times Tables Worksheets":

Letter from Trish Price

What happened next, after Trish started seeing students who now knew all their number facts was this: other teachers started asking about what she was doing. First, the other Year 4 teachers started using the eBooks, so all the students in that year were on the same page. But the Year 5 teachers asked what they could use the following year, to build on what the kids already knew. And Year 3 teachers asked how they could get the students started before they got to Year 4.

Two years on, the school leaders have said that all teachers who teach students in Years 2 to 6 will use our system to teach number facts, based on the results that everyone can see.

So What IS this System?

How can YOU teach your students their times tables in just 10 minutes a day?

I'll let Trish tell what she has discovered:

Here's what I have learned: if you provide students with well thought-out, targeted worksheets, designed to be used daily in a specified sequence, students get it! They move from facts they know really well onto facts they have recently practiced in class, AND THEY GET IT!

I time my students each day when they are doing the worksheets, and each day their time is recorded on their worksheets. The results speak for themselves: students can all achieve success and improve their time on their memorized times tables -- 50%, 100% or even 150%! Top students race each other for the coveted title of DAILY TIMES TABLES CHAMPION. Others get a real buzz from improving on their previous time.

There are fortnightly Check Up assessment tests for the teacher to record scores and time. The accompanying homework sheets encourage the children to practice at home, and help the parents to see how their children are "learning their tables."

It's a win-win-win all around, for you, your students, and their parents.


What is included in the Developing Number Fluency eBook series?

Developing Number Fluency eBooks Series

The "Developing Number Fluency" eBooks Series

The "Developing Number Fluency" worksheet eBooks make up a classroom-tested, comprehensive system for developing fluency with numbers, which is an essential foundation for all later mathematics, in high school, college and beyond. Here are the key features:

  • #1: The system is built on a set of research-based, current best practice strategies for learning times tables, based on the idea that being able to visualize numbers and number facts, and knowing how to retrieve facts that you have forgotten matches children's thinking abilities and their cognitive development. The first part of the eBook lists all the strategies and explains the thinking involved for each one.
  • #2: The daily worksheets, arranged in order of the strategies, with four sheets per strategy to be used in a week. But these are not the normal sort of worksheets - you know, the ones with a boring page full of questions, all in black and white. The Ten Minutes a Day Worksheets each have a color 'Teaching Information Box' explaining the strategy that is relevant to that page of questions; there is an indicator showing where the strategy on that page fits in the overall sequence of strategies; and there are the questions - around 80 times tables questions to practice that specific skill, PLUS another 20 revision questions of previous times tables facts.
  • #3 BONUS FEATURE: as well as weekly sets of worksheets on the strategies for learning number facts, we have included assessment checkup worksheets, to be used every 2 weeks to test the students on the previous two strategies.
  • #4: The third teaching tool really sets this eBook apart from other sets of endless worksheets. Weekly homework sheets to send home with your students, one or two per strategy. Each one includes practice questions in the same style as the in-class worksheets, plus a Parents Information Box explaining how you are teaching number facts in your classroom. PARENTS LOVE THESE! Trish has had parents tell her that she is a wonderful teacher because she teaches their children times tables!
  • #5 ANSWER SHEETS: Of course, there is a clearly coded answer sheet for each in-class worksheet and each homework sheet.

Special Features

Everyone can see that there are lots of websites with math worksheets to download. You might be wondering "What's special about these worksheets?" Well, I had a look at the others and I noticed this. Sure, there are sites with thousands of worksheets to download, but rarely do they follow a well thought out sequence. There is no help for teachers to teach times tables using a consistent strategy, based on proper research, and I've hardly ever seen follow-up homework sheets to send home, complete with advice for parents. And don't forget the Check Up assessment sheets which allow you to know exactly how every child is coping. We decided that our worksheets, if they were going to be any help to other teachers, needed to include a lot more than just the worksheets. That's why we've put in the following extras to help you.

1. Indicator Bar to show progress

Each classroom worksheet includes an 'indicator bar' at the top to show how that sheet fits in the overall sequence:

Times Tables Strategies Bar

2. Professional Advice for the teacher

At the bottom of each worksheet is a small box to show the teacher how the strategy works, and the basic theory behind it: Teacher information box

3. Advice to Parents

Homework sheets include information for parents, to help them to follow the same strategies you teach in class, when helping their children with their homework:

Parents information box4. Answer Sheets

Every worksheet has an associated answer sheet, labeled with the same title, listed in the Contents Page so you can always find it.

5. Classroom Teacher License

All worksheets are licensed for photocopying for use in classrooms (including home school). All we ask is that if you tell your teaching friends about the eBook, encourage them to come here and download a free trial copy for themselves; you may not make duplicate copies for others or try to resell them.

6. 30-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee

These aren't the cheapest worksheets eBooks on the market, but we believe they truly are the best available to teach number facts in an organised system. We think that if you download free worksheets, you do get what you paid for. But if you want a tested, proven, professionally designed system to teach number facts, it is going to have a cost. To make sure that you are happy with your purchase, if you find after your purchase that our product fails to live up to your expectations in any way, contact us for a full refund, no questions asked.

Access sample worksheets from Developing Number Fluency Worksheets for FREE!

How can I trial this system with my students?

If you sign up using the form in the sidebar at the top of this page on the right, you will receive sample worksheets from the eBooks in the system. You have two choices, so we can target the worksheets best suited to your students:

  • K-Grade 2 (UK: Prep-Year 2 / Australia: F-Year 3)
  • Grades 3-5 (UK: Years 3-5 / Australia: Years 4-6)

I'll throw in a few bonus worksheets from other eBooks in our store, including topics such as ten frames, fractions and mental strategies.

N.B. You will be asked to confirm your request via email. Make sure you click the link in that email to be added to my list.


* The "Ten Minutes a Day" books are designed for use in Grades 2-4 / Years 3-5; the "Let's Go!" and "Bring It On!" series books contain worksheets which are not timed, to give students longer to develop their thinking on the topics they contain.