Number Fluency “Times Tables” eBook Series

Help students learn more than their times tables and be fluent in numeracy:

  • Number facts (including times tables) are central to students being able to think mathematically.
  • Problem solving is so much easier when students are no longer bogged down by "working out" the answer.
  • Basic number facts can be extended into larger numbers and decimals, freeing the mind to think around problems.
  • Students fluent in number facts can calculate fractions and percentages in their heads easily and accurately.
  • Simple mental strategies can be learnt and assist students to solve problems and work with large numbers easily.


Each level contains:

  • 4 eBooks each with 40 pages - enough for almost one page a day
  • Times tables and number facts taught, based on strategies not rote
  • Homework sheets that match the strategy taught for the week
  • Check Up assessment tests track students progress
  • Timed activities so students race the clock to beat their time

Let's Go!

LG 1 2561st Grade/Year 2 books introduce addition and subtraction tables/facts to 20. Learn More

Ten Minutes a Day 1

TMAD 1 1 2562nd Grade/Year 4 - reinforce the addition and subtraction tables/facts and move into easy multiplication and division tables/facts. Learn More

Ten Minutes a Day 2

TMAD 2 1 2563rd Grade/Year 4 covers all multiplication and division tables/facts as well as revising and extending all addition and subtraction tables/facts. Learn More

Ten Minutes a Day 3

TMAD 3 1 2564th Grade/Year 5 revises all multiplication tables/facts and extends them. Division with remainders, and factors and multiples, lead into readiness for mental fraction work. Learn More

Bring It On!

BIO 1 2565th and 6th grades - goes well beyond tables leading into mental strategies, fraction work, percentages and order of operations. It is the culminating year empowering students to cope with mental problem solving.Learn More

Ready for anything!

Students are able to think mathematically without mental calculations being a speed bumps along the way.